Helensburgh Abandoned Rail Tunnels

The Helensburgh Rail Tunnels are located in the small town of (surprise surprise) Helensburgh, which is about halfway between Sydney and Wollongong. The old station was closed and the tunnels no longer used after the train line was duplicated in 1915 and a new station was built.

We visited the Metropolitan tunnel and the Helensburgh Tunnel.

The Metropolitan Tunnel spans 624 metres and descends. Because of this most of the tunnel is flooded. It is a home to glow worms though, which is pretty neat! The area is very lush and green – and wet! Gumboots are a must if you want to explore properly, as is a torch (head lamps can come in handy).

metropolitan tunnel






The Helensburgh tunnel is around 80 metres long and is fenced off but we still had a little look.


You can read more about the history of the tunnels by visiting the website of the local historical society here.