Changing Lanes

life, spirituality

Following on from the various mentions of my tumultuous spiritual journey this year things seem to be getting somewhere. I understand there are changes coming and I have to be patient, I’m just not always so patient! So anyway, lately I’ve had a pretty big question in life (I’ve had a few, but one in particular being the most time pressing). I’ve been mulling it over and trying to decide what to do when BAM the universe basically lays out the path on a silver platter. Has this ever happened to you? When something happens coincidentally but it just fits where you are SO WELL that it is insane? Anyway, that happened.

It’s almost like it’s saying “Nah mate, you’re going this way”.

On a tangent but still kind of the same tangent, when I was in New York I forgot you have to press “credit” to get money out of ATM’s overseas (because duh) and I couldn’t get any money and I was so woeful. I was feeling sooooo alone and on the opposite side of the world to everyone I knew, I wasn’t sure when my family were arriving and I was sitting in Bryant Park trying not to cry. Because sometimes the world gets you feeling like that. So I finally realised the error of my ways and went on my way, wandering down to Grand Central Terminal (which is pretty damn grand, as the name suggests). I was just walking through when I spotted a 2 year old that I recognised (as you do), the whole of New York City and I bump into my relatives!

So thank you Universe, for all the times you lead the way. A+++