Happy New Year

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Did you have a good new years eve? Generally I’m not a fan of anything big, and judging by social media I’m not the only one. I saw that a study thinks it’s because we are disappointed when our expectations aren’t met. For me it’s just that I’m not always in the mood but the killer is getting home if you go anywhere (I’m in Sydney – we do a good new years but public transport, not so much). That said I actually had a really good time. It helps to not set expectations! We just had a few drinks in Surry Hills then came home to watch the fireworks from the Erko rail bridge then bed, glorious bed and to wake up in 2016!

2015 was a great year of learning for me. If I had to describe it in a spiritual sense, I’d say that I feel like all my atoms have come apart into a swirly pool of glitter and air and now they’re figuring out how to go back together. It’s crazy and beautiful and probably sounds totally nuts but I’m excited to run with it.

I went home to Wagga for the holidays, we have some great neigh-bours (they’re horses, get it?) and I just love flying over our gorgeous countryside!


IMG20151226181701   IMG20151226181750



Also, I saw Star Wars and have you seen it because it is SO GOOD. Here’s R2-D2 & C3-PO in Lego @ Myer:


And those Doctor Who leggings I invested in last month:


I hope you had a great Christmas and here’s to an amazing 2016!


Spice Alley, Music & Crafts

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Nothing to do with the title, but I just bought a pair of Doctor Who blackmilk leggings! 12am is not a good time to shop but could. not. resist. Look at this collection!


Spice Alley
2015-12-04 03.28.58 1   2015-12-04 03.28.23 1

Checked this out today (I’m two weeks into a current Roti obsession). It’s tucked away next to the Old Clare hotel (who have recently opened a pool/cocktail bar that looks AMAZING).

This is a cute little alley selling Asian goodies with various stalls and open seating. Payment is via pay pass or you can purchase a prepaid card to use which makes everything quick and easy.

This precinct based around the Central Park development in Sydney isn’t quite finished but you can already tell just how great it’s going to be.



Work was a little stressful this week so I started out with a lot of Royal Blood and even revisiting Wolfmother, but the end of the week has mellowed out into a Holy Holy mood. I’ll also throw in Tame Impala for good measure, if you haven’t seen this clip yet then you should. I was lucky enough to see them at the Sydney Opera House Forecourt last month which was phenomenal!



Finished a wall hanging! This is the more sedate piece I said I was working on.
2015-12-04 11.57.18 1


Cheers to the weekend, I hope you’ve had a good week!

Week/Life in Review

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I’ve tried practising my photography this week on pigeons and pelicans. I love birds, but they’re not that great at doing exactly what you want. Today I went into the city with friends to take some shots of buildings, pigeons and each other. Sydney is great for little nooks and crannies and interesting people. I have to see if I got any good shots! There are so many different aspects to get your head around when trying to use the manual settings on your camera, it’s insane. Luckily it’s not an unfun hobby to practice!

This is just going to be a general rundown.


Loving Grimes’ new album “Art Angels”. I was going to list favourites/highlights but the list was half the album… I am truly in awe of what an amazingly creative woman she is. Blood (fake) warning on this clip…



This year I decided it was the year I’d start doing things I’d always said I wanted to do – you know, instead of just talking about it! So the first thing I did was take a crochet class.

I had bought hooks and wool and instruction books and watched youtube tutorials, but for the life of me couldn’t work out how to turn a corner.

I.e. do more than one line! I took a class with Laura at Paper & Pin, if you’re into craft she has some super cool tutorials on her blog.

So over winter I made myself some scarves and a started a few granny squares, but now I have finished my first real lap blanket and it’s really exciting (for me)!

I also took a weaving class with Miss Helen about a month ago where I produced the following rainbow awesomeness:


I’m working on something a little more sedate at the moment! Hopefully I finish soon and can share it with you.


How has your week been?


Explorations 2015

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There’s so much to see around Sydney (or a short drive away). I love to explore new places, and test out my photography skills. I don’t intend to just share photography on this page, and I am definitely an amateur, but it’s a fun hobby to pursue. My friend has been giving me a few pointers on adjusting shutter speeds and aperture, so watch this space for things to improve 😉











Helensburgh Abandoned Rail Tunnels

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The Helensburgh Rail Tunnels are located in the small town of (surprise surprise) Helensburgh, which is about halfway between Sydney and Wollongong. The old station was closed and the tunnels no longer used after the train line was duplicated in 1915 and a new station was built.

We visited the Metropolitan tunnel and the Helensburgh Tunnel.

The Metropolitan Tunnel spans 624 metres and descends. Because of this most of the tunnel is flooded. It is a home to glow worms though, which is pretty neat! The area is very lush and green – and wet! Gumboots are a must if you want to explore properly, as is a torch (head lamps can come in handy).

metropolitan tunnel






The Helensburgh tunnel is around 80 metres long and is fenced off but we still had a little look.


You can read more about the history of the tunnels by visiting the website of the local historical society here.