Happy New Year


Did you have a good new years eve? Generally I’m not a fan of anything big, and judging by social media I’m not the only one. I saw that a study thinks it’s because we are disappointed when our expectations aren’t met. For me it’s just that I’m not always in the mood but the killer is getting home if you go anywhere (I’m in Sydney – we do a good new years but public transport, not so much). That said I actually had a really good time. It helps to not set expectations! We just had a few drinks in Surry Hills then came home to watch the fireworks from the Erko rail bridge then bed, glorious bed and to wake up in 2016!

2015 was a great year of learning for me. If I had to describe it in a spiritual sense, I’d say that I feel like all my atoms have come apart into a swirly pool of glitter and air and now they’re figuring out how to go back together. It’s crazy and beautiful and probably sounds totally nuts but I’m excited to run with it.

I went home to Wagga for the holidays, we have some great neigh-bours (they’re horses, get it?) and I just love flying over our gorgeous countryside!


IMG20151226181701   IMG20151226181750



Also, I saw Star Wars and have you seen it because it is SO GOOD. Here’s R2-D2 & C3-PO in Lego @ Myer:


And those Doctor Who leggings I invested in last month:


I hope you had a great Christmas and here’s to an amazing 2016!


Author: Kylie Hart

Based in the Inner West via Wagga, random rambler, wanderer, wonderer, tryer of new things

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