Spice Alley, Music & Crafts

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Nothing to do with the title, but I just bought a pair of Doctor Who blackmilk leggings! 12am is not a good time to shop but could. not. resist. Look at this collection!


Spice Alley
2015-12-04 03.28.58 1   2015-12-04 03.28.23 1

Checked this out today (I’m two weeks into a current Roti obsession). It’s tucked away next to the Old Clare hotel (who have recently opened a pool/cocktail bar that looks AMAZING).

This is a cute little alley selling Asian goodies with various stalls and open seating. Payment is via pay pass or you can purchase a prepaid card to use which makes everything quick and easy.

This precinct based around the Central Park development in Sydney isn’t quite finished but you can already tell just how great it’s going to be.



Work was a little stressful this week so I started out with a lot of Royal Blood and even revisiting Wolfmother, but the end of the week has mellowed out into a Holy Holy mood. I’ll also throw in Tame Impala for good measure, if you haven’t seen this clip yet then you should. I was lucky enough to see them at the Sydney Opera House Forecourt last month which was phenomenal!



Finished a wall hanging! This is the more sedate piece I said I was working on.
2015-12-04 11.57.18 1


Cheers to the weekend, I hope you’ve had a good week!


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